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Jiangsu Changbian Jicheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of geosynthetic materials. The company is located in the advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation of Changzhou Phoenix Metro, Jiangsu Province.

Founded in 1956, CBJC is one of the founding members of China Geosynthetics Association with the longest history in China plastics woven industry, is one of the first key geotextile manufacturers announced by the State Economic and Trade Commission, is one of the main drafting units of filament woven geotextile national standard and weaving geotextile national standard. As a forerunner of geosynthetics in China, the company made a milestone contribution to the development of China's plastic weaving industry and geosynthetics industry.

Our company not only owns advanced production equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Austria and other countries, but also has complete testing equipment such as internationally advanced anti-aging performance tester. The variety of geosynthetic materials and the scale of production is the largest in China. The three characteristic products of geotechnical tube bag, extra large software mattress and anti-aging geotextile material developed by our company have been widely used in domestic major projects as domestic brand products and have been well received by users.

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